Opening 2018 - Under construction Now!

Welcome to Corazón Turquesa, a Beautiful Place to BE!

Inspired by the Joy & Harmony that the elements of Bacalar Lagoon allows you to experience...

Heart & Mind connection

Corazón Turquesa is a Boutique Hotel developing on the shore of the famous lagoon of seven colors! We are co creating this space to share with you the unique beauty of this place on earth, and a positive life changing experience that the different actives we will offer provides. The peaceful surroundings makes our Hotelito the perfect place for your Rest and Relaxation. Everyday Yoga, Meditation, Paddle Boarding, Qi Gong and other water based activities as daily practices will be offer to Balance the Mind, Spirit & Body, along with the many other ways to explore the lagoon, Yucatan Peninsula and Mayan communities.

In creating a special space just for you, your family, friends and loved ones we are offering a full service menu with locally grown food using delicious home made recipes that incorporate international ingredients, spices and flavors, made with love just for you!

Our mission at Corazón Turquesa is to support the local community with sustainable and ecological friendly methods and live mindfully in this little piece of paradise.

We are deeply grateful to welcome you!

Paul & Kytzzia 


In Harmony